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The weather forecast capabilities for East African Region are still limited. The WIMEA -ICT project aims to improve such forecast capabilities by fostering the set up of the Weather Research and Forecast (WRF) model in Uganda,Tanzania and South Sudan, both for research purposes and for operational weather forecasting

The area under study includes systems analysis and design and subsequently software engineering. The prototype weather data repository/system (WDR) at http://wimea.mak.ac.ug/wdr was developed after bench-marking some of the existing softwares like Climsoft, Clicom and Clidata.

The research aims at innovating and re-contextualizing several technologies in the AWS ecosystem ranging from wireless sensor networks, up-link options and power system design and management

The WIMEA-ICT project aims at providing rapid dissemination of accurate, consistent, and high-quality forecast information to targeted stakeholders using suitable ICTs. The stakeholder will be allowed to ask complex questions about the past, present and future weather information in local and international languages

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